Friday, September 22, 2023

Working from home could be the new normal

Working from home could be the new normal

Millions of workers are being told to work from home as the risk of coronavirus engulfs more countries

The coronavirus sweeping the globe has led to the largest mass exercise in remote working in corporate history.

Across China, Japan, South Korea and parts of northern Italy, office blocks are silent and factory floors are abandoned. School is canceled and blue-collar workers are being forced to log into video chats and workplace messenger apps to keep up with their jobs.

The impetus for staff to work from home has spread rapidly, but it has also divided opinion.

On social media, those with cabin fever complain of bickering with partners and childcare costs. Others have enjoyed spending more time with their families and less time commuting.

Millions to be told ‘stay at home’ if coronavirus continues to spread

Anyone suffering flu-like symptoms could be ordered to “self-isolate” for a fortnight if the number of coronavirus cases in the UK hits the hundreds, in what would be a dramatic shift in Government strategy.

Over the last week, hospitals across the country have created “isolation pods,” to ensure that anyone tested for the virus read more…



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