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Why do People think Telegram platforms are all scam?

Why do People think Telegram platforms are all scam?


Why do People think Telegram platforms are all scam?

People think that a software hosted on the telegram platform is a scam, or untrustworthy. Well from a developer point of view as I have looked at the API and how the telegram system actually works, it’s just a platform to simply communicate to the privately hosted server.

If a developer chooses to develop a software on a platform such as a website, or native desktop application or on any operating system for that matter there is no difference it’s just the code that executes the program and that program communicates to a server but one simply needs an interface to allow the users to perform requests and execute commands.

If you say a software is bad just because you’ve used a completely different software that was hosted on the same platform that gave you a bad experience in the past… that’s like saying you’ve used a bad windows or Mac software that gave you a bad experience in the past so you don’t like using Mac and Windows software. Or you’ve used a bad website so all websites are bad?

This is no different than building a web based system really it still communicates to the server.

With Minerva we have been going for 9+ months and the Telegram system is just the Interface between the People and the Company. It does not effect anything. The Money is in the Company and never connected to Telegram. Important thing is that there are real Traders who work for Minerva. No programmed Bot or Stuff like that. The Traders are chosen well and also has

proof of their experience and sure also their licenses. So the Traders are also not new into trading. They have experience of at least 10 Years.

Other platforms are experiencing issues because they’ve put all their trust and trading into one platform such as Bitfenix and or Binance but run the risk of losing access to their money thus can’t pay their members.

Minerva is in control and also spreads into the forex market too not only crypto.

The point i’m making is don’t just get caught up with terminology such as ‘BOT’ or ‘Telegram messenger’ lol and assume it’s the same old dodgy thing you saw that wasn’t good or whatever. Minerva is a registered company that has been around for over 9 months and pays out very modest returns. You will have an opportunity to meet the CEO and see how transparent this business is. So please check out the video below..

Minerva Trading – Behind the Scenes Interview!

Minerva Trading Webinar a Real Telegram Business that works

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