Monday, December 4, 2023

Which is the easiest digital product to create and sell?

Digital products have different category like one time sales, subscription based,membership,loyalty etc. Simple and high demand digital products are

  1. Skill based -Educational courses,lifestyle courses,music classes,web designing,programming etc.
  2. Music videos,online books,market directories,affiliate etc.
  3. Market intelligence of particular industry/area,

Ideally, the selection of products should depend upon your skill-set,passio and market demand. Here’s a few ideas very successful high demand products

• eBooks

• Courses

• Membership sites

• Software

• Videos,Music

• Photography

• Documents, Templates, Graphics, Fonts

To become successful in online selling try to follow below

Criteria 1. It has maximum margin

Criteria 2. It has maximum relevance and demand

Criteria 3. It’s exclusive (unavailable for the competitors)

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