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Testerup Review: Is It Legit Or A Scam?

As of recently, the attention and news that Testerup has been receiving has been a complete mixed bag.

There are a variety of reviews saying that Testerup is not legit and that people have a hard time being paid out. While some others claim that Testerup works fine and isn’t a scam at all.

With all of this confusion, we wanted to completely and honestly review Testerup, and go through what this program is really like.

Pay close attention and read carefully through this Testerup review to discover for yourself if you believe Tester Up is a good idea to use to make extra money online legitimately.

What Is Testerup?

Testerup is a testing platform that allows users to test out new apps and games in exchange for being paid for testing said products and services.

Depending on which game or app you are reviewing, and how in depth the test needs to be, this changes the amount of money you can earn for each test being done.

Testerup Claims

They claim that you can be paid up to USD $120 per test offer. According to their website, new users get over 50 offers to test when they first register and sign up, which would total more than $800 one can earn!

This makes it seem like they have really nice payouts compared to most other apps/websites of this similar nature.

What’s the catch? Keep reading to see how getting paid for these test offers is not exactly the way the Testerup website makes it sound…

How Does Testerup Work?

The process for using Testerup is really pretty straightforward and non complicated. It’s just the getting paid part that requires MUCH more explaining…

It’s basically just a few steps.

1. Go To Their Website And Register

    Signing up for Testerup does not cost anything. You can create a free account with your email address or by simply connecting your Facebook or other social media account.

    You can sign up through Testerup’s website, but to actually make money with the app, you have to download it for Android or iOS.

    Once you get the app, you’re ready to begin testing out different apps and games to earn money. You must enable tracking settings when using the app for the first time and start testing.

    testerup app

    Which Countries Are Supported?

    Testerup is available only in the following countries:

    United States
    United Kingdom
    Canada (excluding Quebec)

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    2. Start Testing Out New Games

    Based on the offers you are presented with, you choose which one you want to begin testing first.

    The entire process to earning money with the Testerup app involves downloading new games and completing multiple tasks.

    As you complete more tasks, your earnings will go up, and each offer has a maximum amount you can earn if you complete every task.

    And you have to complete these task in most circumstances in a certain time frame in order to earn, which can take you a very dedicated amount of time, especially when your required to reach a certain level in a game in a very short period of time.

    testerup com

    Each one of the offers you will get access to has some requirement, like reaching a certain in-game level, achievement, or even spending money on premium content.

    Gotcha, the catch! This is where the problems with Testerup start to come into play.

    On the surface, Testerup looks like a fun way to earn extra money that pays you to test and play games. But many of the offers are actually impossible or extremely hard to reach the requirements of the task without spending your own money.

    3. Becoming A Premium Tester

    If you are able to start completing Testerup offers and fulfilling the requirements to earn from an offer, you will slowly level up your overall account status.

    And some offers are actually “Premium Missions” that help you to become a so called premium tester.

    However, it takes five premium missions to become a premium tester. And as we explained above, completing a single Testerup offer often requires immense amounts of your time, and or spending your own money.

    4. Getting Paid

    Testerup tracks the tasks and testing you complete and then rewards you money for each test. However, you must meet the minimum threshold of $70 earned with the platform before you can get paid.

    The first time you request a payout you will have to submit to a face verification as well.

    How Does Testerup Payout Earnings To People?

    They currently only use Paypal to payout earnings to people.

    The issue with this is that some countries don’t allow Paypal, and many other affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs have been banned from the platform without reason. In fact, Paypal has had many multiple class action lawsuits against them.

    If you want to be reliably paid and on time without risk of your funds being frozen, we can’t recommend using this platform.

    How Much Does Testerup Pay?

    Many Testerup offers range from $20 to $100 or more, but these offers almost always require you to spend your own money to achieve the requirement to earn the reward.

    They also have so called free offers, they claim to pay between $2 to $10 or so, and involve signing up for various survey sites, passive income apps, and other reward apps.

    Their high $70 cash out requirement also means the free missions on Testerup most likely will never pay you. Realistically, you will not reach $70 unless you spend some of your own money on a more premium offer that pays a lot.

    In their messaging on their website and advertisements, Testerup makes it seem like they payout hundreds of dollars very easily to people.

    But In reality, most people will never reach the $70 threshold with this user testing platform, and will never ever get paid.

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    Is Testerup Legit?

    Maybe? We are not going to waste anymore of our time to find out, because there are some genuine legit worries about using the platform that need to be highly considered.

    While some tests will pay out as little a $2, the amount of time needed to complete these tests and then be paid out – may not be worth the time you could spend on another side hustle or even at a part time job for the time spent.

    And it may cost you money, to collect some money as we shared above.

    There are also concerns when it comes to the website itself. Through the website, it’s vary hard to distinguish important factors such as…

    1. Who owns the company?
    2. Exact details on how it works?
    3. Where the company is located?
    4. Data safety and data storage of your information

    We personally only recommend you join side hustles and opportunities for making money, where you can clearly identify all of these factors carefully. So, be careful.

    How Much Money Can You Make?

    The amount of money that you can make is vague and not defined. As each test pays out a different amount, and some tests take much longer times to be completed then others. The paid online testing this platform provides doesn’t provide much information on pay.

    They illustrate that you can earn, “up to certain amounts” but that doesn’t represent the time needed to complete each test or that you may have to pay money to do so..

    Is Testerup A Scam? Here’s What More Reviews Have To Say

    There are a variety of bad reviews that need to be examined for their honesty and reliability. So far, from the research we’ve done on review sites like TrustPilot and Reddit forums– we’ve found that the negative reviews are very in depth and seem accurate. Take a look at this one here.

    Testerup Customer Service Reviews of testerup com

    And when you take a look at their positive reviews – the positive ones seems very generic and not as real. So, you’ll want to possibly consider using a different platform in order to make money online in a reliable way.

    Here’s another very in depth review left by someone who leaves a very accurate description of their situation they are in.

    Testerup 2nd Review left by a customer

    And finally we’re going to show you a positive review that was left, that is very short and generic. (Reviews that are honest and accurate tend to be non specific)

    Testerup Reviews Read Customer Service Reviews of testerup com 3

    So, is Testerup a scam? We can’t say for sure. We only take a look and see what actual users seems to be experiencing.

    And from what we found, there seem to be some issues that need to be paid close attention to concerning many aspects of the platform. And because the Testerup platform is very misleading, it could be considered a scam.

    We can’t recommend using Testerup to make extra money.

    Testerup Pros And Cons

    Here’s a list of pros and cons to consider when deciding if you’re going to use Testerup or a different platform.


    1. Free to join
    2. Variety of offers to test
    3. Simple platform
    4. Available to desktop and cellphone users


    1. Offers & tasks not always tracked properly
    2. High payout threshold – and may have to spend money to get paid
    3. Very little information on the company publicly available
    4. Too much time needed to complete tests & tasks
    5. Paypal is the only payment option – which is known for freezing members accounts & taking their funds

    Alternatives We Recommend

    If you’re looking to make a real and reliable income online of any kind, there are many different side hustles and income streams to consider.

    We recommend that you do either…

    1. Affiliate marketing
    2. Freelancing
    3. Reselling & flipping

    If you want a particularly affordable and easy platform to promote and earn an income from, you should consider joining GotBackup as a reliable and proven opportunity.

    Review Final Thoughts

    While Testerup com seems like a possible legit website, there’s seems to be way to many negative reviews from past and current members for one to consider using it as a dependable way to earn extra money.

    There are many alternatives that one can use to build a very dependable extra income from, much faster.

    We really hope this article has been extremely helpful to you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post them in the comments section below or just say hello.

    Your Friends And Partners
    Richard And John Weberg

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