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Selling on Vinted: The Complete Guide

It is fair to say that when it comes to making more money, I usually turn to Vinted first. Selling on Vinted is quick, easy and fee-free, making it a great place to sell your unwanted items online. To date I have had almost 300 transactions on Vinted between buying and selling, so here is my complete guide to selling on Vinted.

Selling on Vinted

What is Vinted?

Vinted is a marketplace for buying and selling unwanted items.

Vinted have three main aims:

  1. Sell simply – make money by easily listing your preloved items.
  2. Shop smarter – find amazing brands that you love at a fraction of the RRP.
  3. Join the community – join in the Vinted forums or customise your feed for the products that you really want.

The Vinted app is available both on iOS and Android.

How does Vinted work?

For sellers:

  • Photograph and list your item
  • Once sold the buyer will also pay for postage
  • Post your item
  • Once the buyer receives the item and confirms delivery the money is added to your Vinted balance. If the buyer doesn’t confirm receipt after a certain time then Vinted will automatically release the funds to you.
  • Withdraw your earnings direct into your bank account or spend them on Vinted.

For buyers:

  • Browse or search for an item that you want to buy.
  • Click on ‘buy now’ or ‘make an offer’
  • See the total price you need to pay which will include the item’s price, buyer protectin fee, and postage fee. Here you can also change the postage option to suit your needs – you can choose the cheapest option or the most convenient to you.
  • The seller will post your item and you will get a notification when it has been sent.
  • Once arrived let Vinted know that it has arrived and if everything is okay mark the item as okay. If not, get in touch with the seller or Vinted support.

What can you sell on Vinted?

selling on Vinted

Selling clothes on Vinted is really popular, and I have found that some of my old clothes have sold within minutes of listing them.

That said, you can also sell make up and beauty products on Vinted, as well as accessories, shoes, homewares and even toys.

Vinted also has an ‘entertainment’ category where you can sell video games and consoles, games and puzzles, music and video and books.

That’s before we even tackle the ‘pet’ category where you can sell anything from clothes to beds and more.

If you are just getting started then I would suggest that you start by selling clothes on Vinted because they are easy to list and package up when you sell them.

Does vinted have fees?

Are you wondering ‘does Vinted have fees’?

There are no selling fees on Vinted. 

Unlike alternatives like eBay and Depop, there are absolutely no fees for sellers on Vinted unless you want to ‘bump’ your listings or have a ‘wardrobe spotlight’.

As a seller you can sell your items on Vinted without having to pay a penny in fees.

However, there are buyer fees on Vinted.

How does postage work on Vinted?

When you list your item for sale, Vinted will ask you for the size. This is how they know what to charge the buyer for postage.

The buyer will always pay for the postage on Vinted – but sometimes this comes to you and sometimes it goes to Vinted who then send you a label to print or QR code to scan.

Vinted have a variety of shipping partners to choose from:

  • UPS Access Point
  • 24/7 InPost Locker Pick-up
  • InPost Home Delivery
  • EVRi Home Delivery
  • EVRi Parcelshop
  • Yodel Store to Store
  • Yodel Store to Door
  • Royal Mail Standard 2nd Class

selling on Vinted

You can turn these options on or off in your settings by going to Settings>Postage and using the button to toggle each one on or off. 


selling on Vinted

Note that UPS Access Point cannot be turned off.

Unless a buyer chooses Royal Mail then you will be sent either a label to print off or a QR code for your parcel.

If a buyer chooses Royal Mail Standard 2nd Class then you will get £3.49 added to your balance and you will need to pay for the postage out of pocket until your Vinted funds are released.

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When is the best time to post on Vinted?

You might think that a Friday night, especially around payday weekend is the best time to post on Vinted, but I haven’t found that to be the case.

For me, the best time to post on Vinted is when people will be looking at their phones more – around lunchtime and dinner or just after dinner.

I find that this is the best time to post on Vinted for more views, favourites and of course, sales.

However, if you can’t list at these times then don’t be put off! Posting at any time gets you closer to a sale and making extra money.

How does Vinted make money?

You might be wondering how vinted makes money if they don’t charge the sellers a selling fee.

Vinted make money in a few ways.

They charge buyers to ‘bump’ their items, or to have their wardrobe in the ‘spotlight’ which helps them to earn money.

They also make money from the buyer’s protection fee they charge on every sale.

The buyer protection fee is a flat fee of 70p plus 5% of the item’s price.

How to sell on Vinted

Selling on Vinted is so simple, especially if you have been selling on eBay before. It is so much quicker and easier.


selling on Vinted

Click on ‘Sell’ at the bottom of the app.

selling on Vinted

Add your photos – I like to take my photos in bulk so that I have a few ready to go when I want to list. You can add up to 20 photos.

Write your title. The suggestion from Vinted is ‘white COS jumper’ which shows that your titles don’t need to be majorly descriptive.

Describe your item – I like to add the colour, whether the item would fit different sizes and whether it is stretchy material or not. This is also a good place to mention imperfections, alterations or measurements.

Choose a category – a lot of the time Vinted will have a suggestion for this based on what you have written previously.

Choose the brand name. Again, Vinted will have pulled out a few keywords already, such as the brand from your title.

Select the size if you are listing clothing.

Choose the condition, from ‘new with tags’ all the way to ‘satisfactory’.

Choose up to two colours of your item. Again, Vinted will make some suggestions from the photo and keywords you’ve already used.

Set your price – Vinted will show you similar sold items but this really isn’t a good guage as they will usually show you items that have sold for the least amount of money.

selling on Vinted

Choose the size for postage.

Hit upload and now your item is up for sale.

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How to relist on Vinted

Vinted don’t actually like you to relist your items by taking screenshots of your live listings, copying and pasting the information over and deleting the old listings.

If Vinted spot this then often your relisted item or items will end up back where they previously were in your wardrobe, and not at the top.

How to relist on Vinted successfully includes editing your photos (changing the colours or cropping) or taking new photos instead. You should also try to change the titles and wording in your new listings.

This is because Vinted want you to pay the £0.95 price to bump your items instead.

How to sell more on Vinted

Selling on Vinted is really fun and can make you a nice amount of money, and if you are after more Vinted sales then I have some great suggestions for you.

One thing to remember is that items on Vinted sell cheaply so if you want to hold out for a certain price then you are probably better off listing on eBay. If you are happy to sell faster but for a lower price then you will do well on Vinted.

My first tip is to consider when you upload your items. I found weekday evenings the best for me, because people are home from work and tend to be scrolling through Vinted whilst they’re relaxing watching tv. This means that you are catching more eyes.

If you don’t have time to list during weekday evenings then don’t let this put you off listing and just get your items live.

My second tip is about sending offers.

When someone ‘favourites’ your item you can send them an offer to bag your item at a lower price.

Usually, just £1 off can bag you the sale. You can also experiment with listing your items for £1-£2 more than you want to sell them for so that there is leeway for both you and the buyer to make an offer.

Like listing, choosing to send offers on weekday evenings works well as people who have ‘favourited’ your item will get a notification.

My third tip is that you don’t need to pay to bump your items, relist them instead. Simply remove the old listing and list them again – changing some of the wording.

My fourth tip is to offer a discount on bundles and mention it in your listings. I’ve only recently started mentioning it within the descriptions and had a lot more bundle sales. 

To turn on bundle discounts click on your profile in the bottom right corner and click on Bundle discounts. From here you can toggle it on and choose your discounts.

My fifth and final tip is to be active on the app. This means opening it up regularly, favouriting items that you like and searching for items that you like. I find that the more active I am on Vinted, the more my items are favourited and sold.

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Vinted vs depop 

The Vinted vs Depop debate has been going on for awhile, and for me, it is really simple: no fees with Vinted wins for me.

My only gripe is that I would like to be able to turn buyer offers OFF, as you can get some insultingly low offers.

Selling on Vinted

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