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Sell Adult Content & Items With Snifffr

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Tried to sell undergarments online but didn’t get any success. Then you should try your luck here on Snifffr. This is another platform where you can sell and buy undergarments online.

In a previous Sofia Gray review, we found how you can sell images and items online and make money. But they are not as cool as it looks so we thought we should bring another website for you.

Snifffr is one of the platforms where you can make money as claimed by the platform itself and some users reported that they are making a good amount of money online.

What Is Snifffr?

Snifffr is an online marketplace where you can create an account online as a seller or buyer and sell your items or content online through the platform. They are fully adult content platforms.

By becoming a seller on the platform you have to create your profile in a manner that can attract more buyers. List your items and put rates on them that can attract more buyers and which come in their budget.

The look of the website is quite easy and the interface is simple that allows you to move here and there on the platform without any issues.

You will find thousands of active sellers and buyers who are actively buying and selling on the platform. You can sell undergarments and other stuff online on the platform.

How Does Snifffr Work?

The workflow on the website is quite simple and easy. You can start making money by following the below steps.

Sign Up On Snifffr?

The signup process is quite simple it doesn’t ask for much detail on the sign-up page. Check the below image for more details.

snifffr sign up

You have to provide details like email address, password, date of birth, country, username, and membership type. After filling out the details you have to click on the Complete Sing Up button.

Sign In 

After signing up you will receive a confirmation link which you have to click after clicking on it you will already logged in to the account.

Else you can visit the website and click on the log-in button to access your account.

Make Your Profile Professional

It is important to make your profile look professional. So for that, you have to add a profile pic on your profile and fill in all other asked account details.

Upload Images

It’s time to upload images of your items. If your profile looks good then buyers will contact you and you don’t have to insist on them.

You can upload images or videos. The best way is to upload videos and images together. Like, upload 2 videos and 2 images daily.

How Much Does It Cost For Seller?

For sellers and buyers creating an account is quite easy and it is absolutely free but to start selling your items on the platform you have to pay the platform fee.

snifffr pricing

The cost of upgrading the account is just only $12.95 USD per annum. The payment method they accept is credit card only.

Buyers have to pay anything in the name of a platform fee which is the same as above, they have to pay content price only. Buyers can visit the “” page and make the order.

How Much Money You Can Make?

Professional and experienced sellers can easily make $500 per month but for newbies. The newbie users might not be able to make this much amount.

The newbies can make $50 to $100 per month by selling their undergarments.

Snifffr Is Legit Or Scam?

Snifffr seems legit platform but this can be only get proved by checking out what their users have to say about them.

On Trustpilot, they have a rating of 3.6 out of 5 from 3.7 reviews.

One user posted the following review.

Ladies beware
This site has a bunch of fake / robots to make you think you have the chance of selling items.
They messaged me and warned me to “only use my pics or my account will be deleted”
I offered them a solution of me sending a video with my name and face in it with a whole body view and they still wanted to remove my account.
I didn’t know what else I could offer to prove it was me.
they just want you to pay and delete your account right after


Fake site, fake buyers,the site is full of glitches and you can’t contact anyone to do anything about it Wish I had not joined or paid the fee. It’s a complete scam 90% of the profiles are fake.


This site has gone down hill. Very little protection for sellers. Agree 100% with other review- revenge reviews and men that get of verbally abusing female. The site holds no responsibility and takes a hands off approach after changing their Terms of Use. Pedophiles and other sex deviants playground. No blocking feature or safety precautions.

Also been scammed! Thought it was legit but set up payment and then couldn’t log into my account again resest password blah blah blah. So yeah SCAM site currently 🤯

After reading these reviews I can say they have negative points.

  • There are many bots
  • Fewer buyers for sellers
  • Not supportive team
  • Bit complex for absolute newbies.

Snifffr Alternatives

On the internet, there are many alternative sites that you can use to earn money by selling your undergarments online.

Sofia Gray is one of them. They are legit and you can try them for once. You can read the following article.


Snifffr is a trusted and legit platform but they have some more negative reviews. Even negative reviews are saying that they are legit.

I can say they are legit, you should try them if you think you are able to make money by selling items here.

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