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Most Profitable Live Streaming Platforms

In an online world of making money, live streaming is an untapped monetization goldmine. From launching your own platform, and finding a streaming sponsor to joining a streaming affiliate scheme, there’s so much potential for those seeking to earn money in the live streaming market. 

As a sort of continuation of social media platforms, live streaming with content is a massive pool of potential, however, at Easy Earned Money, we’ve sifted through the pool to pinpoint the most profitable live streaming platforms for you. 

Earn The Big Bucks With These Live Streaming Platforms 

From BigoLive, LiveMe, FaceCast, Uplive, and others, the most profitable live streaming platforms include: 

  1. Uscreen (An all-in-one video monetization platform so creators and streamers can build a reliable income)
  2. Brightcove (An enterprise-level solution, working with multinational organizations)
  3. Kaltura (A provider of live and on-demand video solutions for global organizations)
  4. Panopto (A video tool for businesses and educational institutes)
  5. IBM Cloud ( A cloud streaming platform that allows users to host videos and transcode them while letting you share them with multiple platforms.)
  6. JW Player (A live streaming solution that’s designed for scale to help you engage deeper with global audiences.)
  7. Muvi (A live streaming platform that focuses on OTT media. They help you launch your own audio and video streaming white-label platform)
  8. Resi (A live streaming platform and media management system)
  9. Cincopa (A video and media hosting platform for businesses.)

More Profitable Live Streaming Platforms To Choose From 

If these profitable live streaming platforms aren’t enough, there are still many to add to the list as seen below:

  • Wowza (Live streaming software that can stream your content through the cloud or live encoders.) 
  • Dailymotion (A video-sharing platform where creators can add videos and live stream their content. )
  • Younow (A live streaming website, where people can share their content directly from their phone or webcam.)
  • Bambuser (A fashionable live streaming platform that offers live video shopping technology, so content creators can host a virtual fashion show.)
  • Vimeo (A platform for video hosting)
  • MixCloud (a video and audio streaming platform geared towards DJs, musicians, and podcasters specifically. 

Then to complete the list is YouTube Live; Twitch; Facebook Live; LinkedIn Live; Instagram Live; TikTok Live and Reddit Live.

5 Ways To Get Paid For Live Streaming

Picking the most profitable live streaming platform is one thing, choosing the best way to get paid for your live streaming content is another. Fortunately, most avenues offer great potential when tapping into the live streaming market which will be worth more than $247 billion by 2027

As a live streamer, you can choose to start off by using platforms or you can own your own independent platform. Uscreen provides five ways to get paid for live video streaming:

  1. Launch your own platform – Avg . $5800+/month
  2. Create your own products – Avg. $2000+/month
  3. Find a stream sponsor – Avg. depends on CPM
  4. Ask for Patreon Pledges – $1 to $1,106/month
  5. Join an affiliate scheme – Avg. 5% to 30% commission

And if successful, live streamers can soon have a live business under their successful, entrepreneurial belt. With this, Easy Earned Money recommends this monetized goldmine to all those seeking to get online and make money.

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