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Jobs Going in the Corona Period

Everything is closed in lockdown. Many companies are unable to pay salaries, some have even started firing their employees. Let’s know 4 tips to earn and save money in the Corona period (Money-Saving Tips at corona time). At the time of coronavirus here are 4 tips to earn and save money

Jobs going in the Corona periods, know 4 tips from earning money to saving

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Due to Coronavirus in India, there is a lockdown in the whole country and everything is closed. Only a handful of works are going on. In such a situation, all those companies have asked their employees to work from home, whose work can be done from home, but the employees of companies whose work cannot be done from home are facing problems. Many companies are laying off their employees, many have started cutting salaries and most have stopped increments due in April. Employees of companies whose work is stopped are facing a lot of money problems at this time. Let us tell you some tips, with the help of which you can manage your money in this era of Kovid-19 (Money-Saving Tips at corona time).

1- First of all, reduce expenses

As the salary increases, the lifestyle of the person also changes. With the increase in money, people also increase their expenses. In the present time, whether your company is deducting your salary or not, but you should start reducing your expenses from now. Things like eating out, watching movies, doing a lot of shopping are closed due to the lockdown, but now you have to spend only on essential things and save money. Those whose salary is not coming or whose salary is being deducted, they should cut the expenses immediately, and not take money from others or spend with credit cards.

2- Do not take any new loan

As soon as there is a problem with money, the first thing that comes to mind is to take a loan, then repay it. If there is a big compulsion, then you will have to arrange money by doing something like this, but if it is not very important then do not take a loan at all. Right now, when will the coronavirus vaccine be made, what will be the situation in the coming days, nothing is known. In such a situation, the new loan will only increase your burden.

3- Find the means of earning

It is said that when one path closes, many other paths open. If your earnings have stopped on behalf of your company, then you can move to another company or other work. At a time when you can’t get anywhere, look for work online. You can also start some work according to your talents, such as online tutoring or translation. Even if all this is not there, then improve your own talent. For this, you can take some online courses or learn any other new thing which can eventually become the reason for your earning.

4- Deposit some money

If you think you can increase some of your expenses, then increase them. Save some money with yourself, as it will boost your confidence. Save some money for emergencies. If you have already done this, then put some money in it, because it is not known yet how long the coronavirus will last. The more you save now, the more secure you will feel.

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