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How to Post on Instagram from Laptop or Macbook? –

Are you an Instagram user? If yes, then you must love posting your memorable moments with your friends and family. It may be photos and videos. Unfortunately, Instagram does not allow you to post any photo or video from your PC or MacBook. There is no option for posting your photos and videos on PC or MacBook, which is disappointing.
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Why I can’t?

Instagram’s primary focus is on the mobile app. It encourages its users to Instagram Mobile App. So, it becomes difficult to upload anything from your PC and easy to upload from mobile because it is prioritized by Instagram.

Instagram does not have any traditional PC or MacBook software, unlike other social media platforms like Whatsapp and Skype. Both have their PC Softwares; however, Instagram for PC can be downloaded from Microsoft Store. However, it only allows you to share and see stories. You can see, like and comment on the posts shared by others.

Click to learn how you can post and use Instagram from a laptop, pc or Macbook.

How to post on Instagram from Mac?

Make use of Flume App:

Here is good news, you don’t need to worry nor do you need a special uploader for Mac. It’s very simple, believe me. Everything is all right using the Flume app for Mac. You will be able to post, like, comment, direct messaging, and see newsfeed. Simply download the Flume setup, install, and run it. Then you only need to log on to your Instagram account and see your newsfeed in Flume’s window.

How to post?

Cheers up! You’re ready to post. At the bottom of the window, you can see your relevant icons and direct messages, etc. The left corner at the bottom has a camera icon. That’s what you are looking for.

You can click on the camera icon to take a photo or video from the camera of your Mac. You can also choose a photo or video from your Mac storage and upload it to Instagram. It’s quite easy to drag an image or video from your computer you want to post. Instead of it, you can also press COMMAND-O.


What To Do Next:

You can crop or edit or image by changing the effects, and there are other several editing tools. You can use the sliders in the adjustment options to sharpen or straighten your image, adjust the colors, brightness, saturation, or even a tilt-shift effect. Instagram is a limited image editor. You have many other choices to edit your image. Well-edited images can make a difference on Instagram. Edit your image until you are happy with the way it looks.Visually stunning images are essential to foster engagement.

Below the image, write the caption you want to post with it. Don’t ever forget to place the hashtags. If you want to tag your photo to the other IG users, just click on the head and shoulder icon below your photo.  After the completion of editing, click on post at the bottom right corner to post it. The uploading process for video is quite the same as the image. You can post the video in the same way.


How to post on Instagram from Laptop or PC?

The solution for Mac is discussed in the above part. Now we will solve the problem for the PC. IG does not offer the traditional desktop version for the laptop. Many of us love to use Instagram on the laptop but are disappointed due to the unavailability of posting a photo or video. As mentioned above, Instagram launched a desktop app for laptops at the Microsoft store. You can get it for free from the store. However, its interface is the same as the desktop site of Instagram. We are unable to post our photo or video through this application.

What if we want to post our moments from our PC? Don’t worry, we have two solutions for you.


If you are using Google Chrome as your browser, it’s quite simple for you to turn your laptop Instagram experience into mobile. Instagram allows mobile browsers to post on IG but don’t web browsers. It can be done by pretending as you are using IG in a mobile, as IG prioritizes mobile use of it.

Google Chrome

Let’s move towards the solution. Open the chrome browser on your PC. Click on the Apps menu at the top right or left corner of the chrome. Most of the time, the Apps menu appears at the top right corner below the search bar. We are going to add an extension to our Chrome.

  • Click on the Apps menu.
  • Find Webstore on the menu.
  • Click on the Webstore and open it.
  • Search for the extension “Downloader for Instagram.”
  • Click on the “Add extension” for “Downloader for Instagram.”

How To Proceed With This Method:

After the extension is successfully added, look for it in the extension bar. If the extension is added properly it will appear in the bar. Now, close your Chrome and reopen it. Go the and log on to your account.

After logging in, a mobile icon will appear next to the profile icon. Congratulations! We are done. Click on the mobile icon and a new window will be opened. This window includes the mobile interface of Instagram’s site. As seen on the mobile, an icon for adding a new post will have appeared. Click on that icon to add the original post. This a mobile version of Instagram launched on PC by the extension.

Enjoy it with your Instagram followers!



The second solution for posting photos on IG from the PC is here.

  • Open your Chrome.
  • Go to the Instagram site.
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+i to open developer console.
  • Now, Press Ctrl+Shift+M or click the Toggle device toolbar.


When clicking the Toggle device toolbar, the site will look different than before. Don’t get confused about the colorful codes. We have no concern with the codes. This is just an interface used to turn the web mode into mobile mode. Repeat the process every time you reopen the chrome and enjoy sharing your moments with others.

Mutual Solution for both Mac and PC:

There are many third-party apps you can use to get the Instagram mobile app on your PC or Mac.  You can get these third-party apps for free. Some of the top apps are mentioned below:

  • BlueStacks
  • Andy Android Emulator
  • Droid4x official
  • GenyMotion

Wish you the best of luck!

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