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So you want to make money from home with a Poshmark side hustle, right?

We’re guessing that’s why you landed on this article in the first place.

preview about how to make money from home with a Poshmark side hustle

You’ve been seeing this idea floating around on social media, and you’re pretty darn sure with the right steps in place you could start selling on Poshmark, pay the bills; and maybe even make more than you’re making now.

Whether you’ve just got started in the resell business or you’ve seen these other huge closets, and you want to do it too, your head is probably swimming with questions.

How to begin?

What comes first?

What kind of items to sell?

Where to find products?

How to let the world know the business exists?

And what’s all this going to cost?

These kinds of questions have probably cluttered up your head as you’ve pondered how to take the idea of making money from home with a Poshmark side hustle from daydream to reality.

We know some of the questions you’ve got because we’ve been through it. We’ve broken down steps to help you get started.

By the time you’re finished reading, if we’ve done our job, you’ll have a clear sense of what’s involved in opening and running a part-time Poshmark business.

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How Big Can a Poshmark Side Hustle Grow?

That really depends on how big you want to grow your business, what your resources are, and how much you can invest.

According to CNBC, the used clothes market is a $24 billion business in the U.S and is set to skyrocket in value to $64 billion by 2028.

The amount of money you can make is only limited by your imagination and your ability to conceive, start, run, and grow the business.

How Much Will You Need to Invest in Your Business?

This really depends on how large and how fast you want to grow your business.

Anything that you can do to reduce time and cost is usually a good investment.

You may want to invest in a better device to capture photos, lighting, props, backgrounds, and think about printing and shipping supplies. How much will this cost?

If you plan to hire an assistant, what will they do and how much will you pay them?

This is where you create a cash flow plan. Layout your costs month by month on a spreadsheet. Total them up by month.

At some point, your income should exceed your costs.

This is your “break-even point.” Don’t forget to calculate how much money you will have to take out of the business to live on.

If you are starting small and plan to bootstrap your business, these costs might not apply to you right now, but you should give it some thought if you plan to grow your Poshmark business beyond a part-time endeavor.

Read on to learn how to make money from home with a Poshmark side hustle.

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How to Make Money From Home With a Poshmark Side Hustle

Find Quality Items to Sell

First thing’s first, to become a reseller and build a sustainable and reliable Poshmark side hustle, it is very important to consider how you go about sourcing products.

You can find profitable, quality items to sell without much experience. The quickest ways to find things and the easiest places to start your search are:

Although almost any kind of home decor, fashion, jewelry, and accessories can be sold on Poshmark, specialized items such as plus size clothing, western clothing, and vintage clothing that are in good condition and manufactured by name brand companies are really big sellers.

Price Your Items

Once you’ve determined the items you want to sell, you’ll need to do your research and price your items competitively. You can look up completed listings within the Poshmark app to help you come up with the right price for your particular item.

To quickly look up comps to determine your listing price:

  1. Open the Poshmark app. In the search bar, type the brand name and the specific style, then press enter. If you don’t know the exact style name, search for the general style. 
  2. At the top, you can filter your results by category, condition, color, and size. Click the size filter. Uncheck “My Size.” (You want to look at all sizes. Not just your size.) Then click apply.
  3.  Click the “Availability” filter. You will see a checkmark next to “Available Items.” Change it from “Available Items” to “Sold Items.”

From here, scroll through the results to see if any of the items look similar to what you have. Research the last price the item was purchased for and price your item in line with this. 

Take Attractive Photos

Attractive photos are an essential part of selling your items.

It only takes one crappy-looking photo for people to forget about your items instantly. Every picture should be clean and crisp.

You want your photos to stand out, represent what you’re selling accurately, and appeal to your potential buyers.

Don’t skip this part.

Take your photos in daylight or use good lighting and photo editing software- do whatever it takes to ensure each and every picture is of stellar quality.

List Your Items

Write compelling descriptions for the items you’ll be listing.

Describe all of its attributes, list all imperfections, and damages.

Suggest what you would wear with it. Include the size, inseam, and rise measurements.

Share Your Items

Sharing your items is one of the simplest forms of advertising.

Just like companies use email marketing to stay top of mind with their customers, sharing your closet keeps your listing at the top of the search results and increases your closet’s exposure.

From inside the app, you want to share your items with your followers several times a day.

And share your listings with your followers on other social media platforms that you’re active on for broader exposure and to grab the attention of more buyers.

Follow Other People

A great way to get your closet noticed is by following other people.

When you follow other people’s closets in return, they will follow your closet, therefore, increasing the opportunity to attract buyers.

Find Potential Buyers

I want to encourage you to find potential buyers by brand, size, and style.

For example, let’s say that you have a lot of the items in your closet that are Express, you are going to want to target other people who sell, “like” or follow Express.

Use the Poshmark filter option and select the brand Express and then a list of people will appear that you can follow.

Repeat this process to follow likers of an item and people who have your style and size.

preview about poshmark side hustle

Get Paid

I would like to tell you it’s easy to get paid and earn extra income online, but it’s not.

Like anything you do that can earn large amounts of money, there is some work involved, and techniques you have to learn, but it’s not that hard.

You have to be willing to stay consistent and do the work to get paid. Here are some things you can do to become a selling machine on Poshmark:

  • Offer a bundle discount
  • Drop your prices around buyers payday
  • Drop your prices during Closet Clear Out and discounted shipping
  • Use the offer to likers feature to get rid of items quicker

Give excellent superior customer service. Your buyers are the lifeblood of your business.

Answer all questions quickly.

Remember, these people know little about the items you’re selling. You will have to answer each question patiently— even the stupid ones.

I go into more detail about this in my post ‘What You Need to Know About Sellling on Poshmark‘.

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There you go the process to make money from home with a Poshmark side hustle.

I hope to see you selling on Poshmark within a few weeks.

do you go from here?

Shop and follow my Posh closet.

Once you’ve got your Poshmark business up on its feet, let me know what items you sold and share this article with some of your business curious friends.

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If you’re looking to take action on your side hustle today, check out my book Entrepreneur’s Business Financing, an invaluable resource and something you’ll need if funding is what you’re looking for to get your business off the ground.

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