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How To Make Extra Income During Weekends


How To Make Extra Income During Weekends

If you’re looking to make
some extra income, there are a lot of options out there! The first thing you want to
do is think about what skills you have that would lend themselves to earning a
few extra bucks.

We’ve got some good news for
you: we found them. So if you’re looking for a way to make extra money with
something fun, keep reading!

a blog

a YouTube channel

  • Niche. It’s very important to
    select a niche for your YouTube channel. Your niche can be anything that
    interests you or in which you have expertise, such as cooking, beauty
    tutorials, gaming etc. Choose a niche that is suitable to your
    demographics and also has decent search volume on Google (high search
    volume means there is a lot of demand for the subject matter).
  • Camera/Smartphone. You could use a
    video camera or even a smartphone to make your videos. Make sure you have
    good lighting and clear sound so that you can create professional-looking
    videos – but while staying at home. Like all content, it should aim to
    educate, entertain or inspire – ideally all three simultaneously! You need
    to put in the effort if you want people to take notice of your channel and
    subscribe for more content.
  • Keywords. When someone searches
    for one of those keywords on Google, they will see your video at the top
    of their results if it’s well optimized for SEO (search engine
  • Length of Videos: There is no
    standard length when it comes to video length; however, shorter videos
    tend get higher engagement rates and longer videos tend to get more views

your talents and expertise

If you have a special talent, or
expertise in something, then you can make money from it. This is one of the
easiest ways to earn extra income as all you have to do is sell your services
and get paid.

Think about what kind of service can
you offer? If you are good at something, chances are that someone out there is
willing to pay for your time and skill. You will be surprised at the number of
things people need help with. Here are some ideas:

  • Handyman and repair works;
  • Dog walking services;
  • Tutoring services;
  • Freelance writing services;
  • Gardening services; and so on.;

an eBook

Writing an eBook can be a great way to
earn extra income during the work week.

  • Choose a topic and write on it
    with passion. If you don’t want to write about something you hate, choose
    another topic that appeals to you.

    When we were trying out this hobby, we
    would search for topics on Amazon and see if any books were available in
    the Kindle format—and then set about comparing our idea with others who had
    previously published books in this format.

    The eBooks included ideas on
    how to do things like structure your book; how to get it published; how to
    find an editor; and even how to promote your book once it’s released. It
    was a quick way of finding out what other people had done and learning
    from them so we could start right in with our own eBook project.

    results: We found an original idea for an eBook that could help others, as
    well as some great tips for getting into a writing habit quickly.

money by painting or drawing things

Use your artistic skills to make money
by painting or drawing things.

  • Sell your art online. If you have
    experience in painting and drawing, you can sell your artworks online.
    There are several websites that allow you to upload and sell your artwork
    at a price of your choice. You can either open an online store on sites
    including eBay, Etsy and Amazon or approach other artists who are willing
    to buy original paintings and drawings.

a social media influencer

You can make extra income through
social media by becoming a social media influencer. A social media influencer
is someone who builds a reputation and following online by doing something
unique and shareable. 

For instance, you might start a YouTube channel where you
offer reviews of products and services. Or maybe you could start an Instagram
account that focuses on your personal style or interests. You can choose to
promote specific products or companies in exchange for free samples and
compensation, or simply share your opinions as entertaining content on your own

More than likely, once you start building up some followers, brands
will begin contacting you to advertise their products to your followers too!

others what you know

With the advent of the internet, it has
become easier than ever to monetize your knowledge and expertise. One of the
best ways to do this is to create a course on Udemy, which allows you to teach
on nearly any subject, including computer programming, photography, and design. 

If you have expertise that might be valuable in a job interview setting or
as part of a certification program (such as personal training or bartending),
consider offering tutoring services in-person or online through services like Wyzant.

Another way to share your knowledge is
by becoming a mentor for someone who needs guidance in their career. Sites like
Skillshare allow you to create classes with video lessons so that others can
learn from your expertise remotely. Alternatively, you could offer professional
coaching services on sites such as LifeCoachHub and CoachUp.

Finally, if you’ve been working for
several years and want to share your insights with others who are just starting
out in the workforce, consider becoming a consultant for those already
established companies looking for advice from more experienced employees.

freelance work as a writer, editor, graphic designer, web designer, or

Freelancing is another way to make
money part-time. There are a number of websites and online companies that will
pay you to write articles, do editorial work such as editing or proofreading,
develop graphics, design websites and programs or perform any other tasks they
may need some help with. You can find freelance jobs on Upwork, Guru, and
Freelancer. You can also find freelance work on social media sites like
LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter

out your house, property, or belongings on Airbnb or other websites

If you have a spare room, or even your
entire property, consider renting it out as short-term accommodation. Renting
out your house via Airbnb is an easy way to make some extra money during the
weekends, especially if you live in a city where there are plenty of visitors
who need accommodation.

Make sure that you’re aware of any local regulations
around renting out your space, and check what insurance changes you might need
to make to cover any additional liabilities. Potential guests will also want to
see photos and a detailed description of the property so they know what they’re
getting before they book their stay.

can make extra money in your free time doing something you enjoy

There are many ways you can make extra
money (outside of your job) on the weekends. If a traditional second job isn’t
right for you, try taking small jobs on Taskrabbit, driving for Uber, or even
becoming an Airbnb host to help pay off debt.

If you prefer to work with your hands,
look into local weekend markets in your area where you can sell home goods or
baked goods to put some extra cash in your pocket. You may even consider
selling items online through a website like Etsy.

If you’re crafty and want to teach
others how to make things, sign up for teaching gigs at sites like Skillshare
and take people under your wing. If you’re an expert baker who has mastered
gluten-free bread making techniques or if you know the ins and outs of
calligraphy, share what you know with the world—and earn extra cash while doing


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