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How to Find All the Lost Luggage in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

In this post, we’ll embark on a journey in order to locate all the lost luggage items in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

How to Find All the Lost Luggage in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Hello Kitty Island Adventure is filled with excitement and surprises, but today, we have a special mission ahead of us.

Seven of our beloved Sanrio characters have lost their luggage, and it’s up to us to help them retrieve it. These precious belongings must be found, and our friends are counting on us to lend a hand.

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How to Find All 7 Lost Luggage in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

1. Badtz-Maru’s Lost Luggage Location

Badtz-Maru’s Lost Luggage Location

Our first stop is to find Badtz-Maru’s lost luggage. To do this, head to the Spooky Swamp by following the map. As you venture forward, you’ll come across train tracks in Pumpkin Patch. Keep walking until you reach the edge of the mountain, where you’ll find a treasure chest. Lo and behold, there lies Badtz-Maru’s lost luggage. Now, let’s hurry and return it to him.

2. Chococat’s Lost Luggage Location

Chococat’s Lost Luggage Location

Next on the list is Chococat’s lost luggage. Before we set off on this quest, we must meet Keroppi and obtain flippers for swimming. Once you’re equipped, head to the water of Seaside Resort. Floating just above the water’s surface, you’ll spot Chococat’s lost luggage. Reach out and collect it, making our dear friend Chococat happy again.

3. My Melody’s Lost Luggage Location

My Melody’s Lost Luggage Location

To find My Melody’s lost luggage, seek out Retsuko at Mount Hothead first. Once you’ve met her, proceed to find Melody’s belongings. Head backward and locate the fast travel booth. Behind the huge rocks in front of it, you’ll discover the lost luggage. Let’s retrieve it and make My Melody’s day a little brighter.

4. Keroppi’s Lost Luggage Location

Keroppi’s Lost Luggage Location

Still at Mount Hothead, there’s more to be found – Keroppi’s lost luggage. Keep moving ahead from the meeting point with Retsuko and climb the mountain towards the right corner. Continue ascending until you spot a pink button on the mountain. Keep climbing further, and you’ll reach the Red Hot Ruins. At the edge of the cliff in the Caldera area, you’ll find the lost luggage. It’s time to return it to its rightful owner.

5. Hangyodon’s Lost Luggage Location

Hangyodon’s Lost Luggage Location

Before you move on to Hangyodon’s lost luggage, it’s essential to raise your friendship level with Snorkel. This will allow you to meet Hangyodon underwater. Once you’ve done that, head to Gemstone Mountain. On the edge of the mountain, you’ll spot Hangyodon’s lost luggage. Collect it and deliver it to Hangyodon at the Comedy Club underwater.

6. Kuromi’s Lost Luggage Location

Kuromi’s Lost Luggage Location

Kuromi’s lost luggage awaits, and there are two ways to reach it. Either swim or fast-travel to the Comedy Club. To conserve stamina, it’s better not to leave the Comedy Club after visiting Hangyodon. Swim at the entrance of the Comedy Club in Rainbow Reef, and there you’ll find the package for Kuromi. Don’t forget to head to Spooky Swamp to hand over the luggage to its owner.

7. Hello Kitty’s Lost Luggage Location

Hello Kitty’s Lost Luggage Location

Before we wrap up our search underwater, let’s not forget Hello Kitty’s lost luggage. From Gemstone Mountain, there’s a bridge that will lead us to Rainbow Reef for diving. Towards the left of the bridge, you’ll find Hello Kitty’s luggage near some crates underwater. Now we have successfully found all 7 lost luggage items, and our friends are immensely grateful.


You’ve helped our cherished Sanrio characters retrieve their lost belongings on Hello Kitty Island Adventure. Your determination and kindness have made a significant difference in their lives.


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