Monday, September 25, 2023

Frugal Recycling Hacks You Need to Try!

I love making the most of what I have and hate being wasteful. Today I want to share with you some hacks to make the most of one of the most wasted items from your home, the bag that the cereal comes in.

Years ago, I saw Money Saving Mom reuse those cereal bags to store waffles in her freezer and it got my wheels spinning. What other great uses could we have for that lovely, strong, waxy cereal bag? Well, you’re in luck because I’m going to share four of my favorite ways to recycle these treasures!

Book Cover

When I was a kid, brown paper grocery bags were our go-to for covers for school textbooks. That was back in the day when grocery bags were included with our purchase of groceries (maybe that’s still a thing where you live, but it isn’t in California). It probably won’t surprise you that this frugal mama doesn’t pay extra for bags. Don’t worry though! I have found the perfect solution for free book covers. Recycled cereal bags are the perfect solution. Not only can you see your beautiful book through the cover, but they’re also waterproof! (They also work better than brown paper to save books when your second grader leaves a banana in her backpack and it gets all smashed up on everything inside.)

Sock Covers

One of the best ways to give your cereal bags new life is by using them to prevent soggy feet. We actually got a bit of snow (and lots of rain) at our house this year and this hack has more than tripled the kids’ outside play time. Simply slide your children’s feet into empty cereal bags before putting their boots on. Say goodbye to wet feet once and for all!


The beauty of cereal bags is that you can actually skip the boots altogether! We don’t get snow every year, so we don’t have boots in everyone’s size. Cereal bags can turn any sandals or shoes into waterproof footwear! Add a rubber band at the top for even more protection.

Kitchen Trash Bags

Are you tired of purchasing garbage bags just to put them straight into the trash can?! What a waste! Instead of throwing away your hard-earned money by buying trash bags, start making your own! With the most basic sewing skills you can stitch together recycled cereal bags to create your very own garbage bags for free! Smooth, waxy cereal bags are the ideal material for trash bags. In addition to their waterproof quality, the opacity allows you a good view of your refuse as you take out the trash. I could never go back to Hefty again!


I try to reuse things and be frugal, but this post is totally an APRIL FOOLS!

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