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freelance joke/cartoon writing

 Cartoon or Joke writer

There is a common trend found across humor sites is the inclusion of
an opt-in mail list—a joke of the day, quote of the week, or the like.
You may wish to expand your services to include
Web icon design, gifts, cards, advertising, and More all depending on the objective.
That being so, there are numerous options available for you online if you have good humor or capable of sketching cartoons.
Many sites make their money by allowing other companies to sponsor their mail
list or newsletter based on a CPM basis. 
So in most cases these sites also sell banner advertising opportunities and as an artist, you have the option of doing custom work for other
companies and can be included in their media.

 Skill required for you to start up

It is very important for you to have a lot of humor and also invest most of your time in written skills

The cost for you to be able to start the business

The business does not require so much to be started but like any other business some cash is needed for you to be able to bring in cash.

You may require at least $3000 – $6000 for the business.

This amount will be for your promotion which happens to be a vital part of the business
And also invest some of the money in the equipment such as a Scanner or a Graphic editing software.

The number of employees you need to start the business

Unlike many other businesses we have mentioned on our platform, This one happens to be one that does not really require any associate and can be done by one person through out.

The type of issues you may come across

In this business it is important that when you charge for your cartoons you actually have a clear Contract and also make it clear to your clients whether they have Excessive, unlimited or single usage rights.

Marketing tips you need to take into consideration

  • Partner with popular E-zines
  • Participate in Newsgroups and Discussions forums
  • Online Press release, Distribution and regular contributions to periodical and Publications
  • Develop sponsored listing campaigns to bid with popular search engines
  • Develop links from comedy or jokes websites, meta indexes and directories

Online examples to follow

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