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What means Dropshiping??

dropshiping is a type of online freelancer job, its like buying and selling products, but without even seeing the product, so its like buying and directly selling the product for more money.

How does dropshipping technically work?


dropshipping need money to start with you need to make a website, make paid ads and buying products, so if you are starting from scratch don’t start with it.

without further talking and wasting time, to start a dropshiping business, its a little close to affiliate marketing in the start, you need to pick your niche your subject and your product that you wanna pick, so you start by picking a good product from china, for a low price and that look good, and PLEASE, you are not scaming people, because today everything is from china, and it got some high quality product, so its just getting profit, so after choosing your product, you can use aliexpress and Alibaba, I personally use Alibaba choose which you prefer, then you can start by creating your website, the best web hosting for dropshipping is shopify, its a paid web hosting app and it has a free trial. create your website and make it look professional

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something like this, than you can hire a professional to create an ad and put it in it, you can also talk about the product in a few words, and then put your product link in it, so actually what is happening, you are publishing there product, for a different price, the customer when buying, you actually purchased the product from the store and send it to the customer, and got paid with the profit.

How to promote your website and start getting purchases?

Actually, the best way is promote is with paid ads, get an attractive ad, and start with Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Quora, LinkedIn, try reaching as much as you could, to get more chances. You can also start with more than one ad, even paying big pages on Instagram, to promote your product.

Some tips and tricks from my own experience

  • always use comments of people from the online store that you are dropshipping from, most people build there trust from the comments and especially the rating
  • don’t always make a big store and put all the product in it, the store with one product in it looks more specific and professional.
  • Pay big Instagram theme page who are involved in your niche to promote your website, because they add a lot of info to your ads, in the description and they are more likely trusted by there followers, to pick a profile to promote in it look at the likes that they get, the more the number of likes they get, the more they have active followers, the more you might get a purchase.
  • of course don’t forget to use the .99 in your prices, it really attract more and more customers
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Things that may kill your store

  • never build a bad looking store, people are really attractive to beautiful looks and colors, as they reject bad looking, let your website look professional and trustworthy, even if it may cost you more and more time and work, it’ll be worth it, always try attracting customers.
  • Do not create a website that is hard to navigate in it, try making it as simple as possible, and try putting icons instead of words, that targets more and more people, and looks more trustful.


Dropshipping isn’t impossible, its not hard, its simple but needs a little bit of smart playing, and building trust, and some consistency, Hope my post was useful and knowledgeable❤

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