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Cryptomate Review – THE 1% CREED

Easiest Way to Earn Commission with Crypto

Cryptocurrency trading is not a new thing for most people. No matter if you like to buy the crypto or not, its market is still and will be still active with the participation of millions of people from all over the world. This is a huge opportunity for you to make money with the market, even when you do not trade these blockchain currencies.

To attract more and more people to join certain trading websites, big trading sites such as Binance, Coinbase, and many more sites offer their affiliate programs that you can join and receive up to 50% of the profit they earn from traders.

Sounds interesting, right?

However, to be a successful affiliate in this area, you will need to have content, a website, and more. For that reason, this cryptomate review will show you an easy way to get started in only a few minutes. Let’s learn more about this product now!

Cryptomate Review – Product Overview

Cryptomate Review

Cryptomate Features

Let’s take a closer look at the Cryptomate:

100% Automatic Site Creating

The best thing about Cryptomate that not many other products can do for you is that it allows you to start making money right away. Normally, to start selling products effectively, you will need a website, content, and money for other business-related activities.

However, with Cryptomate, anyone can start their site with only a few clicks. You can create your own cryptocurrency website, edit the content, add content with only a few clicks.

Many Trading Sites To Choose From

There are many trading sites that are offering affiliate programs and their policy as long as the commission rate will be different. To ensure the users can pick the most suitable site for themselves, the vendor already listed a whole list of different programs and their differences for you to choose from at the beginning.

At the moment, Cryptomate lists the 12 best crypto coin exchanges for you. In the future, there might be more sites added to the list.

No Need For Content Writing

This is another amazing thing about Cryptomate. When you already create your site using Cryptomate, all the content will be available for you. The content on your sites is from the experts and the experienced traders. When you are a user of Cryptomate, you can use the content on the website legally.

Get Paid In Bitcoin

The trading sites will pay you in bitcoin, and you can exchange the coin for money whenever you want.

Email Marketing

To help you get better chances of having successful deals, the vendor offers you the Email Marketing tool. With these useful tools, you can start different email campaigns to reach out to different groups of people. Moreover, you can also have the emails ready for you to send.

Unlimited Commission

When you are accepted to the sites’ affiliate program, you will have the opportunity of earning unlimited commission, especially when the market is so active as recently.

No Skills Require – Super User-Friendly

An interesting part about Cryptomate is that it does not require you to experience trading coins. Anyone can use this app and promote the coins they believe in.

Easy Customization

The Cryptomate site has a professional look with all the tools on the left side. You can easily customize your site with these tools effortlessly, as they are shown on the platform.

Easy Designing

You can edit your site in your style using the available tools in the platform.

How Does It Work?

With all these brilliant features, Cryptomate should have come with a complicated implementation process, right?

No, not at all!

In fact, employing this tool is as easy as pie. Here, let me show you how to make use of it and yield profits within three simple steps:

Step 1: Create Your Site

First, you will need to create a site using Cryptomate:

Cryptomate Demo

You will see a list of 12 coin exchanging sites. Depending on your interests, you can choose the ones that are most suitable for you. All the details, such as the commission rate, will be listed:

Cryptomate Demo 2

After choosing, you need to apply and wait for the response from the trading sites. If approved, you can start promoting right away.

This step is necessary and pretty easy to do. When you are already inside of the platform, you can easily see the site-creating tools and start creating yours in a few minutes.

Now, check if you are happy with the design, the banner, and your site’s look:

Cryptomate Demo

In case you want to change these factors, you can do it with the editing tools located on the right side of the site:

Cryptomate Demo 4

Step 2: Add or Edit the Content

The site is ready, and it’s time for the content. You should never miss this step because, without content, your customers will not have any reason to visit your site and start trading

The great news is that all the content will be available after you are done creating the site:

Cryptomate Demo

However, if you do not like some posts, pictures, etc., you can always edit the content or upload your content:

Cryptomate Demo 6

Step 3: Start Promoting and Earn Commissipn

Finally, when everything is ready, it’s time to promote the coins you love and start earning commission:

Cryptomate Demo

Who Is It Made For?

Cryptomate is for anyone who wants to make money as an affiliate. Here are the ones that might be interested in this product:

+ Online sellers

+ Work-from-home people

+ Retired people

+ Students who want to earn more money

+ Bitcoin lovers

+ Blockchain technology believers

+ Cryptocurrency fans

+ Entrepreneurs

+ And literally, anyone who wants to make extra cash

User Experience

Affiliate marketing works pretty simply, but the process of making money with it is not simple at all, especially for those who do not influence a big community, do not have skills or much money to invest. Like other products’ affiliate programs, the cryptocurrency exchanging sites’ programs are the same.

If you want to have traffic and build trust in this field, you must show people how deeply you know about blockchain technology and trading strategies. Nevertheless, it might take so long to be seen as an expert. In this case, Cryptomate can help a lot as it allowed me to build everything in less than one hour when I first joined the affiliate programs.

For those who just got started as an affiliate, Cryptomate was a great choice because it was useful for me to cut down all the potential fees I might have to pay if I did not choose it. It allowed me to create the site, the content, the banners, and apply for the affiliate links pretty fast.

Moreover, I also like its email marketing because it is a good tool to know more about my traffic and visitors.

The Bonuses

In addition, you will be getting tons of the author’s greatest bonuses for your fast action:

Cryptomate Bonus

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