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Best Place to Sell Domains in 2023: List of 17 Platforms

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Place to Sell Domains: 17 Platforms

NameCheap Marketplace

Namecheap Summary

  • Affordable pricing – ranging from $1.58 to $47.88 per month
  • Easy and quick domain renewal
  • There are free useful features, like WhoIsGuard and unmetered bandwidth on some of the cheapest plans
  • Quick response time from the technical support

NameCheap Marketplace is a platform where you can also find domain names for sale. Besides domain names, it also offers hosting services, and a platform for individual owners to sell their domains. 

Like GoDaddy, it allows you to sell your domain name instantly for a Buy-It-Now price. You can also auction it to sell to the highest bidder. 

The steps to sell domains on NameCheap are quite easy, too. Just sign in to your account there and navigate to the domain settings of the domain you want to sell. Clicking the Sell Domain button lists your domain on the marketplace within an hour. is another platform worth checking if you’re looking to sell domains. You can find here top-level domains with over 300 domain extensions. The platform also provides you with insightful ideas about selling domains online through its blog section. 

There are also options for you to transfer domain names or purchase premium domain names. 

If you’re looking to start a domain buy-and-sell, you can purchase one from and resell it on other platforms. Domains here start at $3.99. 

GoDaddy Auction

GoDaddy Summary

  • Excellent customer care service
  • Simple user interface
  • Organizes over 62 million registered domains
  • Provides frequent discounts and offers, such as lowered hosting plan prices

GoDaddy is another platform where you can find domains for sale. The platform is popular as a domain registration site, which means you can register your domain with them. 

To sell with GoDaddy Auction, you’ll need to be an auctions member first. Membership costs only $4.99 per year and it allows you to list domain names for free. 

When you opt for auction-style selling, you can set the minimum price you want your domain to sell. You can also set a Buy Now price and accept offers from bidders.

eBay Marketplace

eBay Summary

  • High user traffic – over 187 million users
  • No listing fees for small scale sellers
  • Promote your listing from as little as 1%
  • Quick processing time for payouts

The eBay Marketplace is undoubtedly one of the most popular eCommerce sites these days. With over 180 million active users, you can literally sell anything here, including domains. 

Selling with eBay provides you with 2 options: 

  1. You can sell your domain for a fixed price
  2. Have it auctioned to sell for the best price

Most of the time, creating a listing on eBay is free of charge. But once your listings went over 250, eBay charges $0.35 for each succeeding listing.  


Flippa is another marketplace where you can buy and sell domain names. According to its website, it offers one of the lowest seller fees and you can sell your domain within 30 days. Flippa also uses Escrow services for safe payment processing. 

Like GoDaddy, you’ll need to shell out some cash before you can list your domain on Flippa. Listing fees are at least $29, which can be a bit costly if you’re selling non-premium domains. Flippa also takes a 5% commission from the sale. 

Listing fee $29
Site Commission 5%

To start selling on Flippa, just go to their website and click the red Sell Now button. This will direct you to another page where you can enter your URL and proceed to create a listing.  

Sedo Marketplace

Sedo Marketplace is among the top options if you want to know where to sell domain names without paying listing fees. 

Looking over its website, you’ll find 3 ways to sell domains:

  1. To create a free listing, you can opt for the Buy Now feature, where you can sell your domain for a fixed price. 
  2. Another option is through Make Offer, allowing potential buyers to send you offers and negotiate the price.
  3. If you want to sell your website for the highest possible price, you can auction it at the Sedo Marketplace. 

NamePros Forum

NamePros Forum, or NamePros Community, is an online platform for domain sellers and buyers. How it works is quite different from other platforms on this list. 

As this is a forum site, you’ll need to select forums where you can post your domain. 

You also need to create an account first, and the good thing is, you can sign up with your existing accounts of: 

Besides the ease of signing up with a social media account, NamePros Forum is also an excellent place for first-time sellers as it doesn’t charge anything. You can list your domain for free and connect with a buyer using its built-in chat option. 


Afternic is an online domain name marketplace where you can join as a seller for free. By signing up and listing your domain, Afternic can help you reach greater target markets. It does so by distributing your listing to over 100 domain resellers. 

While you can sign up for free, Afternic takes at least a 20% commission from your sales profit. Considering that, this platform is ideal if you’re selling premium domains. 


DNForum works quite the same as NamePros Forum as you can buy, sell, and talk about domains here. When you visit its website, you’ll find several sections where you can find sub-forums to enter. 

For selling domains, make sure to check the sub-forums under the Market section. Some of the popular ones here are for auctioning domain names for as low as $1. There are also separate sub-forums for selling on a fixed-price and offers. 


Efty is a domain name sales platform where you can sell without paying commissions. This platform is quite ideal if you’re selling several domains. 

Once you signed up for an account, Efty creates you landing page, where you can showcase all domains you’re selling. In a way, you can imagine it as having your own domain shop. 

To use its features, you’ll need to sign up for a premium subscription, which costs at least $15 per month. This already allows you to list at least 50 domains and not pay for commission fees. 


BrandBucket is a popular marketplace to sell creative domain names. But unlike other domain marketplaces, BrandBucket claims to keep a particular standard on domains they sell. 

To sell your domain on BrandBucket, you should: 

  1. Start by signing up for a seller account and having your domain name appraised. There’s an appraisal fee of $1. 
  2. Once BrandBucket approves to list your domain on their platform, they will use their marketing prowess to get buyers for your domain name. 
  3. When it sells for $10,000 at most, they’ll take a 30% commission. If your domain sells higher than $10,000, BrandBucket will take lower commission rates. 


SnapNames, much like its name, can help you sell domain names in a snap. Through its website, you can submit your domain names for auction. There are also options for you to list your domains for a fixed or a negotiable price. 

Some of the ways you can sell on SnapNames are similar to other platforms on this list. However, there are unique features that SnapNames offer. For example, it offers a brokerage service where you can consult an expert if you’re selling premium domains. 

High-value domain names can also be listed in live auction events, providing a greater chance of selling at the best prices.

When it comes to places where to sell domain names, is among the top options you should consider. This marketplace hosts auctions that allow sellers to look for domain name investors. 

These investors are people willing to pay huge amounts of money to purchase unique and high-performing domain names. 

You can also sell other domain names on If you have several domains, you can sell them as a package through the Portfolio feature. 


Bido is an online platform that hosts auctions for domain names. Here, you can submit your domain and Bido members will vote whether to list your domain for auction or not. Your domain only needs 10 votes to get listed on the auction. 

After your domain sells, those who voted to list it in the auction get a small percentage of the sale profit. 

In case your domain doesn’t get enough votes to join the auction, you can still list it through a special feature, called Seller’s Acceleration. This feature requires you to use BidoCredits, which you can purchase for at least $8.88. 


Freemarket is among the domain buy-and-sell platforms where you can create listings for free. You don’t have to pay anything upfront if you want to sell your domain through them. It also advertises low commission rates. 

By listing your domain, you can sell it through auction-style or for a fixed price. You’ll need to add a Buy It Now price to sell it right away. For auction–style selling, Freemarket has a messaging board where you can communicate with bidders. 


DigitalPoint is a website where you can enter forums and threads to connect you with domain buyers. You can also create a thread or a post to sell your domain. 

The website also features a marketplace where you can sell domains. You’ll need to sign up with your email or Facebook account to use this feature. 

Listing your domain on the marketplace is completely free. You also don’t need to pay for anything when you look for buyers in the forums section. 


DomainState is an interesting platform where you can find helpful resources for selling domains. The platform itself doesn’t offer a feature where you can list domains. 

Instead, you can use its tools to look for places to list your domain. There is also information on platforms with the highest domain registrations. 

If you’re doing a bit of research on what domain names to sell and their pricing, DomainState has tools to help you. You can use all these tools for free. 

Where Can I Sell a Domain Name Fast?

If you’re looking to sell a domain fast, you might want to consider listing on domain marketplaces online. It also helps to sell on a platform that is relatively popular for its niche, like GoDaddy or eBay. 

Finally, make sure to sell your domain name at a platform where you can market to the most number of people. The more people see your listing, the better your chances of finding a buyer sooner than later. 

How Much Can I Sell a Domain Name for?

Deciding on how much you can sell a domain name for depends on many factors. But as a rule of thumb, you might want to consider your domain name’s “brandability”. 

This refers to whether companies can easily use domain names to help them in marketing. 

You’ll also need to consider where your domain is a TLD or Top-Level Domain. These have popular suffixes, such as .com or net. 

While domain names can sell for any amount, premium domains cost around $5,000 to $20,000. Some domains even sell for at least $100,000.

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