Monday, December 4, 2023

8 Steps To Start An Online Business From Scratch

  • Build Your Audience

Start putting contents online. You have to create content on Instagram, Youtube, and blogs that give value to people to build an audience and attract them. Please make sure not to expect anything in return. In this step, you build trust with your audience.

  • Learn Skills

Let’s say you target an audience in the digital marketing industry. You have to learn how to design social media posts, manage social media accounts, and use google ads and Facebook ads, any digital marketing skills you are able to sell to your target audience.

  • Offer The Service For Free

I am not telling you to provide it for free, no offer it for free. In this step, you need to reach out to the audience who you target and offer your service for free. For example, you are targeting digital marketers, and you know these people have Instagram accounts, and what you can do is to create a package of Instagram posts and send them emails showing them your work, giving them for free. In this way, when they see your work, they will contact you.

  • Create Your Portfolio

You can build your portfolio, an online page that shows your work, customer’s reviews to prove your authority and credibility online to contact someone.

  • Sell Your Services

In this step, you turn the free offer into paid gigs and you can go to freelancer websites and start providing your service for profit. Now you are selling services.

  • Promote

Even though you build an audience, have a portfolio, and publish your gigs on freelancer websites, you can’t just sit down and wait for your customers. In this step, you have to do some work to promote your services. You can send cold emails, DMs, or do paid ads if you have a budget.

  • Turn Your Service Into a Product

In this way, you will scale your business from a freelancer to a full business. For example, you can build a digital marketing agency providing a package of Instagram ads, Facebook ads, google ads, and social media that you can deliver full services as a full business. In this step, you turn a small service into a business that provides a product.

  • Automate

Once you scale the business, you hire people to do your services instead of you in order for you to focus on more research.

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