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3 Best MLM Compensation Plans You Need To See

When deciding which MLM you’re going to join or promote for, it can be a challenging decision. While there are many different factors that may determine which MLM is better then another – you’ll find that the amount of compensation you earn as an affiliate for an MLM is key.

We’ll be covering the 3 best MLM compensation plans we’ve found to outperform 23 other MLM’s we’ve researched. Each of these compensation plans have shown that they are simple while being extremely effective at helping you earn more then any other MLM you may consider becoming a part of.

Let’s walk through the best MLM compensation plans and how you can earn that maximum amount of money from them today.

Best MLM Compensation Plans

Out of 26 total MLM’s we researched to find out which ones had best compensation, there are 3 that have risen to the top. Learn more about each of these MLM companies to decide for yourself which of the 3 is the best option for you to join and earn with.


While having the most simple and direct MLM compensation plan, GotBackup offers an incredible digital service that is needed more then ever before. Being able to back up your data, pictures, videos, and content – without risk of it every being taken away, lost, or shutdown.

You can earn handsomely while you help other people preserve their precious memories, private information, and so much more. Here’s what the compensation plan for GotBackup looks like.

Compensation Plan: 200% commissions on the first months purchase of any referral with it moving down to 25% after that. You earn an additional 25% matching check bonus on any commissions earned by anyone your own referrals bring in to purchase the product. Plus, you have the binary where you earn a % of total sales for every people in your entire downline that complete a cycle of 2 : 4 members. 2 in one leg of the binary, and 4 in the other means you have generated 1 cycle.

This means that you’re able to earn a large amount of upfront commissions while also earning a decent size residual, and being able to earn even more from the binary and your referrals efforts. This is by far the best compensation plan we’ve ever seen for any MLM in any industry or niche.

Traffic Authority

If you want to be able to sell the most in demand product and service in the world, then make sure you considering becoming a customer and affiliate for Traffic Authority. While Traffic Authority is not considered to be your normal MLM, is enables you to be able to sell what ever business across the world needs.

With Traffic Authority you’re able to resell traffic and leads to anyone you desire. You earn a percent of all sales you directly refer, and also earn from a few levels deep in commissions to.

Compensation Plan: All personally enrolled sales commissions are shared with your direct active upline or active qualified upline in the case of Traffic Package Qualification Levels. Affiliates split 50% / 50% or 80% / 20% on each product type sold; i.e. Traffic, Traffic Tools, Traffic, Training. And 50% / 50% split is on affiliates first six sales, seven and beyond is split 80% / 20%.

As long as Affiliate remains active, once someone is coded to an affiliate they are coded to that affiliate for life. Affiliates earn commission up to and inclusive of the level of Traffic Package they’ve either already purchased or earned within their Qualification Bank.

While this compensation plan is more complex then GotBackup, it is still very rewarding for any affiliate or MLM member that wants to sell their traffic and leads.


If you want to work with a very simple and easy to promote MLM, consider becoming a member of List Elevate. ListElevate is a list building system that helps you generate a very large email list. The parent company has been in business for 20 years.

The product you get with your purchase is an autoresponder, lead capture system, promo tools, affiliate system, and many other bonuses and downloads as well.

Compensation Plan: Get 50% commissions for life of all direct referrals. Get a 25% matching check bonus on any sales generated by referrals you bring in. Yes, that’s pretty much it! A very simple and easy to follow compensation plan that nearly anyone can get behind and understand no problem.

What Makes One MLM Compensation Plan Better Then Another?

There are some important factors you need to consider when deciding which MLM compensation plan is the best for you to earn form. Here’s the most important factors on deciding which MLM or network marketing business opportunity is best for you.

  1. Type of products and services sold
  2. Quality of products and services sold
  3. % of upfront sale earned.
  4. % of downline sales earned from.
  5. % of binary or company wide downline commission earned
  6. How the company or MLM sells their products and services.

Use these different strategies to decide which compensation plan above that was highlighted, is best for you.

Why Are Most MLM Compensation Plans So Complex?

The most complex compensation plans for MLMs are often made to confuse and not allow you to understand how much you’re actually earning. This is why you need to be very careful with which MLM you decide to join, and it’s why we made this list here. The more simple and transparent compensation plans give you a much clearer idea of how much you can actually earn.

Try to join and become a part of simple MLMs that have honest, transparent, and clear compensation plans that seem to put you as the affiliate in favor.

Final Thoughts On Deciding Which MLM Is Right For You

After going through everything you’re read today, it’s important to both use your own strategy and thoughts along with what you’ve learned. There many different ways to incorporate and decide which MLM is going to be your one you’re with for possibly years.

While we highly suggest that you decide to become a part of GotBackup, you may choose any of these companies based upon their compensation plans or based upon the types of products they sell.

With our kindest regards,

Jon Weberg

Richard Weberg

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